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Chicken Coop House For 4-6 Birds

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  • See images for sizes 

  • Length: 203cm

  • Height: 103cm

  • Width: 75cm

  • The Wentworth Chicken Coop

    The Wentworth Chicken coop has a range of features over other inferior alternative coops making it excellent value for money. The Wentworth coop as been redesigned, the floor is now *under the pull out tray. Why, customer's feedback, this is an important safety feature stopping your birds coming to any harm while you clean the pull out tray, please note that most coops do not have a floor under the pull out tray, ask before you buy. The Wentworth chicken coop has a galvanized metal pull-out tray for very easy cleaning.

  • Rust-proof locks, handles and tray
  • 2 Removable internal perch
  • Fully sheltered run allowing chickens to roam in any weather
  • 100% waterproof roof material
  • Environmentally friendly and hard-wearing wood chosen to avoid splintering
  • Clear, easy to follow assembly instructions (coop is supplied flat-packed)
  • The health of your birds is the most important factor you should consider when selecting your coop. Don't buy a coop with a plastic pull out tray. Why, hygiene? Think about when you use a microwave, plastic retains strong smells, odours and becomes brittle with age. Your chickens, rabbits, etc, deserve the best!!! That's a coop with a galvanised metal tray. Metal doesn't retain strong smells or odours. There are lots of coops with plastic trays, why? To save on costs!!! Your birds deserve the best!!! That's a coop with a galvanised metal tray, not an inferior coop, with a cheap plastic tray. Where else have they cut costs? At the expense of your lovely chickens, rabbits, etc!!!