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Tywin Spa Hot Tub 1 Lounger 5 Seats R10

Original price £6,995.00
Current price £5,495.00

Grey Headrests on R10 hot tubs: (Additional cost)

13amp but can be hardwired to 32amp 


 5 Seats 1 Lounger 

Size: 2000 x 2000 x 800mm
Balboa Controls: 2kw heater
Shell: USA Aristech acrylic
Seats: 6    

R-10 insulation on the skirt and above the tub tray which helps lock the heat radiated from electrical parts and transfer to plumbing. As results from our testing, hot tubs with R-10 insulation and R-10 hard cover can save 41.3% energy comparing with a hot tub that only has a thin insulated shell.

  ✅ Cover Lifter (Additional Cost)

Model Colour: Silver White Marble
Size: 2000 x 2000 x 800mm
Balboa Controls: 2kw heater
Shell: USA Aristech acrylic
Seats: 6

Water pumps:

Pumps: 1 x 3hp
Circulation: 1 x 0.35hp
Ozonator: 1 x 50mg


Air control valve: 2
Filters: 2
Insulation: All 4 sides Super R10
Base: Solid PVC and insulation R10
Top spa cover: key locking

Water jets:

Jets: Total 29 Chrome & Grey
Rotary therapy jets: 15
Directional hydro therapy jets: 14
Circulation jets: 1


Big underwater LED light: 1 (Colour Changing)
Cup/Glass holders with LED: 2
LED top rails lights: 17 (Colour Changing)
LED Waterfall: 1