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Small Rabbit Hutch

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This hutch is spacious and the length of it allows the animal in it to run around. Furthermore, this hutch features an opening hinged roof, a pull out floor sliding tray for easy cleaning and a front door. Please note that this item requires self assembly.

Hutch Size

  • Hutch Size: 36" W X 17.5" D X 27.5" H / 91cms x 45cms x 70cms EXTERNAL APPROX


Hutch Features

  • Easy clean metal sliding  tray
  • Hinged Opening Roof
  • Stainless barrel bolts to prevent any escapes.
  • Delivered FLAT PACK. Easy 10 min assembly.
  • Also suitable for ferrets or guinea pigs.
  • Fully treated and stained in pet friendly preservative.
  • Sloping felted roof for outdoor use with overhang.
  • Adjustable leg protectors - Heavy duty wire.


  • All our hutches and runs are made from high quality Fir Trees (Cunninghamia lanceolata). This wood was chosen as it is free from rough edges, and splinters. The Wood is pre-treated with a water based pet friendly wood preservative and stain which is durable to mould, insects and rotting.
  • All out hutches feature LOCKING BARREL BOLTS not spinning hearts as these are easily opened by your pet or children by accident causing many unwanted escapes.
  • All our items are supplied FLAT PACK  with all screws and fittings included in the box, all that is required is a screwdriver / drill driver. They have been made so that they go together with ease, with predrilled holes, and easy to understand instructions.


Suitable for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs