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Large Multilevel Cat Tree Scratching Post Kitten Climbing Tower Activity Centre

Color: Red
Condition: New
Height: 140cm
Feature: Durable Scratching Post
colour: red/grey/Beige
Product material: hemp
Product size: 50*35*140CM
Cats love Cozy Pet cat trees the Sisal Posts keep their claws in top condition and this helps protect your home furnishings!
The tubes are wrapped with sisal ropes for your pets to scratch and play with. The sturdy base prevents any swaying so it is safe on any flat surface so you do not have to worry about injury to your cat. The stylish cat tree will blend in with your decor.

Durable Scratching Post: 
Tough natural sisal covered scratching posts help to keep claws sharp and healthy and let your furniture remains untarnished and safe;

Good to rest: 
Multi level scratching tree post with cave sleeping area. Includes observation decks for your pets to lounge and rest on;

Fun to play: 
It gives indoor and outdoor cats alike a fun playground to let out all of their bundled up energy;

Material: hemp
Colour: red/grey/Beige

Package Included
1 x kitten tree
1 x instruction