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Large Chicken Coop Hen House Hutch With Run For 6-10 Birds

Original price £499.99
Current price £374.99


Comes with locking arm to keep your animal in bed at night.


See images for dimensions 

High quality woodwork

Lockable pull out tray FRONT & BACK

2 Perches included

Big front door, Large rear door

Provides space for 6-8 standard (i.e. brown laying hens) up to 10 bantams depending on size.

2 next boxes with 6 nesting areas

1.4cm Run Included

Weather proof roofs

Easy maintenance roofs

240 cm x110cm x 152cm Including next boxes and roof overhangs and run

Made from superior quality wood this fantastic house has an amazing number of features to keep chickens safe, secure, dry compared to other poultry houses therefore providing years of top quality value. The ECO 10002N provides space for 6-8 standard (i.e. brown laying hens) up to 10 bantams depending on size.

Wooden & Plastic Chicken House with the luxury of 2x triple nest boxes and ECO friendly weather proof plastic roofs.

Chicken houses will always attract red mites which can kill your birds so this new design will make it easy for you to detect them on or under your roof and just wipe them off. With felted roof to literally have to rip off the felt and re-felt the roofs. with wooden roofs they will breed inside the cracks and again virtually impossible to remove. The tray can be locked and pulled out from the front and back for easy cleaning. Rounded perches will give your chickens a better grip and nest boxes left and right allow easy collection of your eggs. The back of the house provides you with another entrance door and a ventilation sliding door above the front door allows air flow throughout the house. 6 nest areas in total !!