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Chicken Coop & Rabbit Hutch With Nest Box Windsor Large For 5-7 Birds

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Windsor Large Chicken Coop and Run - Natural Wood

✔  Up to 5 birds, additional extension is worthwhile if the birds do not get additional time outside of coop - based on RSPCA spec but please check measurements against your needs carefully.
✔ Includes slide out galvanised tray for easy cleaning.
✔ External nest box with two nesting sections.
✔ Extension run available from our shop - currently only white model available.
✔ 2 x roosting perch inside the coop.
✔ Flat packed with all fittings and instructions.
✔ Fox proof sliding latches for extra security - not found on competitors coops.
✔ Roof does not have felt on which helps prevent red mite infestation.
✔ Secure wire mesh and latches to help keep birds safe of predators.
✔ Dimensions - W - 175cm - D - 95cm - H - 100cm (inc roof overhang)


We love to see customer pictures, please send these to us so we can show off your product - you can attach them to a message through ebay.

Our stunning Large Windsor Chicken Coop and Extension Run has been manufactured using only the strongest and finest materials. Our coops are designed and built by real craftsmen. Manufactured using tong and groove boards which are both attractive and durable, this combination produces a great looking and highly practical coop.

We have designed our coop with a removable slide out metal floor at the front which makes cleaning out the coop a simple and easy job this ensures that the floor can be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis thereby reducing the build up of any harmful bacteria.

The front of the coop has a large door for easy access, to enable you to further clean the coop. The side of the coop to the run has an access ramp to make it as easy as possible for your birds to get in and out effortlessly. We have added an extra sliding door to the side to allow you to lock your birds in at night which is also an important feature of this coop. The wood is treated using a water based anti fungicidal animal and environment friendly stain. This large coop includes 2 roosting perches.