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Chicken Coop House With Run Grey

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In the beautiful chicken house Wilma you can keep chickens, chicks, quails, rabbits and guinea pigs.

It makes sense to keep the chickens in a small enclosure during the day. Ideally, place the chicken house in or near an additional run.

The henhouse is made of coniferous wood, non-toxic and weatherproof. The metal wire is galvanized and offers good protection against predators such as martens and foxes.

With the metal slider you can easily close and open the door from the main house to the outdoor enclosure from the outside. Two chicken bars inside the house offer chickens a suitable place to sleep. In the run are two further seat and rest bars for the inhabitants.

The stable drawer bottom is made of metal and therefore super easy to clean.

The roof and the nesting box are covered with roofing felt. The lid of the nesting box is easy to open. So you can easily remove the eggs.


How many chickens for my household:

On average, laying hens can lay between 180 and 220 eggs a year. With 5 hens, we expect an average of 200 eggs = 1,000 eggs per year and thus about 19 eggs per week.

Thus, it becomes clear that 5 hens are more than enough for a family. There are breeds that even lay more eggs.