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Chicken Coop House Rabbit Hutch For 4-5 Birds

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Overall Dimensions*: L188 x W70 x H117cm

Living Area: L71 x W51 x H70cm at highest peak

Nest Box : Height 37cm (at hutch,31cm at end), Width 31cm. length 37cm

Colour: RED

*Based on outermost extremities

Assembly required; Full instructions included

Key Features

  • Made from high quality wood
  • Large run area
  • Egg collection box with hinged lid.
  • Slide out plastic tray for easy cleaning.
  • Ventilation door. Large front and rear door. Double nest box & 2 perches.





The Hen House with Run is an attractive and secure home for your chickens, Ducks, or would make a great home for rabbits, guinea pigs or other small pets.

Its extra large size is ideal for providing a spacious environment for healthy animals.

This House provides a sheltered sleeping and nesting house with a ramp leading to the lower run area.


The door which the birds use can be opened via a pull key without the need to enter the run. For easy cleaning there is also a slide out plastic tray.

Sturdy metal mesh panels provides protection from foxes and other predators.

The front door features a handy mesh window with sliding panel, giving you the option of providing additional ventilation to the coop during warm weather.

Made from high quality, treated wood to ensure durability and long-life.

Specifically made for the House, the cover is easy to fit. It has clear plastic windows that cover the coop, still allowing the light to flow through into the house.

The back part of the cover in clear plastic too, allowing even more light to the run area.

The nest box is also covered and has a zip to make getting into the box simple. There are small ventilation holes in the plastic windows, which are allow air to flow around the House.


A space is allowed for the doors and run and close by way of zips.

The cover is easy to install and ideal to extend the life of the House and keep out adverse weather.