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Chicken Coop House 8FT Rabbit Hutch Run For 6-9 Birds

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Length: 250cm

Height: 103cm

Width: 76cm


The New Improved Arlington Deluxe Chicken coop has a range of fantastic features in addition to its extra long run, 8ft/2.5 run, over other inferior alternative coops making it excellent, incredible and awesome value for money

Roof Opens, with galvanised metal hinge. This is an essential feature for allowing you access to all parts of your coop for cleaning, addressing hygiene issues, parasites such as red mite, and lice which can infect your birds and will hide in the tongue and groove joints and under perches.

Roof, the slanted design means that water can drain easily without built up. The strong Asphalt surface ensures protection from the elements, the coop stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, therefore keeping your chickens happy, healthy and laying.


Floor under the pull out tray, very few coops no other coops have this feature, protects your birds or animals from coming to harm while you are cleaning your coop's pull out tray.

Non Slip Ramp this fantastic feature allows your chickens to walk up the ramp into the nesting area with ease. There are built in timber ridges that are raised above the ramp, this protects your chickens from slipping back once they 're on the ramp, this is an essential feature, especially in the early morning or evening, particularly if the ground has been dewy.  

Hinged Handled the sturdy hinged handle you open and close the door to the nesting box cage without actually entering the coop, this is very beneficial when your chickens are nesting in the early evening and you want to secure them in safely over night. Once the door is open the handle bends at the hinge and hangs down at the door, conveniently out of the way. 

Tongue and groove note the high quality tongue and groove panels. The New Improved Arlington Deluxe coop has been designed to with stand the elements. It can go through periods of intense temperature fluctuations, from the scorching heat to the bitterly cold, the structure will not warp or crack and will be solidly, standing, strong for years to come. We suggest you apply an animal friendly wood treatment on an annual basis.

Fox Poof, the New Improved Arlington Deluxe is coop completely fox proof and your chickens will be thoroughly protected by the reinforced galvanised wire. This is incredibly strong stuff and is secured very strongly, to the strong wooden frame.

Raised Perches this is perfect for your chickens, if it's a cold or wet day, the raised perch keeps them safe and dry, they won't get wet and they 'll stay safe and warm. It's also handy in the heat as they are shielded from the sun and can easily access their nesting boxes without exposure to the harsh light.

Your New Improved Arlington Deluxe coop has been treated using animal-friendly wood stain protecting it from the elements for years and years to come. The New Improved Arlington Deluxe coop is suitable for up to six birds, (bantams/small) depending on size and how long they will spend in the coop and for other small animals; not just chickens, including Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Ferrets, etc. This coop has been designed to keep pets in and predators out!!!

Please note that your coop will be delivered in 2 packages together.