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3FT Double Rabbit Hutch & Guinea Pig Hutch Run

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Height: 81cm

Bottom Length: 84cm

Top of hutch length: 92cm

Width: 45cm


  • Top, Left & Right opening doors

  • High quality fox proof wire

  • Opening Roof that locks into place

  • Open run & closed ladder option

  • Top slide out plastic cleaning tray

  • Asphalt weather proof roof

  • Heart shape secure catches

  • Solid, quality fir wood

  • Attractive tongue & groove construction

  • Top quality sanded edges
  • Strong glued mortise & tennon joints

  • Environmentally friendly wood stain

  • Access ramp to upper level

  • Flat packed easy to read step by step instruction for easy assemble with screw driver only

  • You DON'T need to be professional to build it!

    Windsor Rabbit Hutch Cover


  • Optional weather proof cover also available

  • Roll Up Sections

  • Zip Fastening

  • Plastic Viewing Windows

  • Ventilated Sections
  • PetActive Windsor Rabbit Hutch Cover

    You wanted it and now you have it! A rabbit hutch cover to fit our Windsor rabbit hutch. A cover that can be used all year round to provide that added bit of shelter for your rabbits or pet. The cover features zipped sections so you're able to access each door on your hutch. Un-zip, roll up and attach via Velcro strips - specially designed for easy access. Made from Polyester in an Olive colour. This rabbit hutch cover is custom made for our Windsor hutch.


  • Roll Up Sections
  • Zip Fastening
  • Plastic Viewing Windows
  • Ventilated Sections

  • Made from treated fir wood this sustainable hutch combines great looks and practical features and is ideal for a variety of pets.

    Suited for outdoors our rabbit hutch has a closed off ladder to keep pets up high safe at night away from any predators and an ingenious door ramp design that allows your rabbit or pet to easily come down to the open run during the day making this perfect for a pet that loves the outside!

    If you require a rabbit hutch for inside use or that doesn't have an open run check out our Balmoral rabbit hutch.

    The hutch features a high quality fox proof wire surround ensuring your pet is kept safe while unattended.

    Easy slide out cleaning tray making cleaning out an extremely simple task. Plastic coated slide out floor (not PVC coated which peels).

    Attractive heart shape locks and a handy hay holder so your rabbit or pet can help them self to a snack throughout the day.

    Our rabbit hutches are made from high quality fir wood. The hutches are made from this material as it's free from rough edges and creating splinters that could harm your pet.The wood is pre-treated with an animal friendly anti-fungle spray, environmentally friendly and great for your hutch. The wood is durable, resistant to insects, wood worm and rotting.

    The highest quality of materials are used in the construction of this hutch. Sanded edges and strong glued mortise & tennon joints! This rabbit hutch is also suitable for other furry friends such as: Guinea Pigs, Ferrets and Rats.