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2 Tier Rabbit, Ferret and Guinea Pig Hutch With Run

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Overall Dimensions*: L155 x W53 x H70cm

Sleeping Area: L31 x W42 x H39cm

Upper Hutch Area: L67 x W42 x H43cm

Run under Hutch: L67 x W42 x H24cm

Side Run: L82 x W41 x H51cm

Colour: RED

Verona Hutch Cover

Colour: Brown

Cover Size : 155x53x70cm

Light Hessian type material

*Approx. measurements based on outermost extremities

Assembly required; Full instructions included


Key Features

  • Hinged hutch roof
  • Made from high quality wood
  • Separate sleeping quarters and run
  • Large door openings for easy access.
  • Large spacious run. Slide out plastic tray for easy cleaning. Durable weatherproof cover included

The cover comes in two pieces to make it easier to fix. A roof cover and then a separate lower cover. The hutch and run cover has clear plastic windows that cover the run, still allowing the light to flow through. There are small strips of ventilation material that run across the plastic windows, allowing air to flow around the hutch. A space is allowed for the doors and the tray and the flaps open and close easily. The cover is easy to install and idea to extend the life of the hutch and keep out the weather.