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Cheeky Garden Gnome Statue / Solar Powered LED Garden Ornament / Weatherproof

This cheeky solar powered garden gnome statue will make a fantastic novelty gift for someone, and will instantly add some risqué entertainment to their gardens and outdoor spaces. The gnome is bent over with his trousers by his ankles showing off his bare behind, which will glow in the evening thanks to the rechargeable warm white LED light that sits inside the unit. The gnome has a solar panel that sits discreetly on his back that will store up the suns energy in the daytime, and convert that to the light in the evening. The light has both an 'auto-on' functionality that will come on of its own accord once the sun sets, or an automatic 'on/off' button that will let you choose when you want the moon to shine! In order to get the best results, (and in this case the brightest behind!), you'll need to place the gnome in an area of the garden that gets lots of access to natural sunlight throughout the day. The loveable garden gnome measures 23cm tall by 20cm wide, and is manufactured from durable weatherproof materials that will allow you to keep him outside all year round without any compromise to the quality of the product. 

  • Item Size: H 23 x W 20 x D15cm
  • 1 x 1.2V AAA 1/3 100mAh NI-MH
  • 1 x Warm White LED  
  • With 3*3cm Amorphous Silicon Solar panel