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Dog Crate Home or Travel Folding Metal Cage / Kennel in Black - Size XS-XL


The BWS Dog Crate is made from strong and durable metal making it suitable for even the most boisterous dogs. It provides your four-legged bestie with safety, security and comfort.

Two large doors, one on the front and one on the side, are easy to open, close and securely lock with dual latches on larger models. The base is removable so you can keep your pup's crate clean.

Quick and easy to fold and assemble making storage, travel and transport a breeze.


  • Ideal place to relax during any stressful events but can also be used for dogs that are unwell and non-housetrained puppies
  • Zinc-coated metal to protect against corrosion
  • Opens front and at the side
  • Collapsible for space-saving storage
  • Easy to assemble with no tools needed
  • Easy-to-clean, durable pan included
  • Available in multiple sizes

Size options:

  • Extra Small - 61x46x51cm - Breed recommendations: Pug, Havanese
  • Small - 76x53x59cm - Breed recommendations: French Bulldog, Miniature Pinscher
  • Medium - 91x61x66cm - Breed recommendations: Beagle, Bulldog
  • Large - 106x71x77cm - Breed recommendations: Golden Retriever, Pit Bull
  • Extra Large - 121x76x82cm - Breed recommendations: German Shepherd, Doberman